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Sise, Stanton, Hickey, Mays, Coffey, Ketron, Fly visit victory lane at Volunteer Speedway

By Volunteer Speedway | 27 September 2020 | Featured News | | 0 Comments   

Sise, Stanton, Hickey, Mays, Coffey, Ketron, Fly visit victory lane at Volunteer Speedway

BULLS GAP, Tenn. (Sept. 26, 2020) — Following two days of significant rainfall around East Tennessee on Thursday and Friday, with the National Weather Service forecast predicting clearing skies by midday Saturday, Volunteer Speedway owner Landon Stallard was determined racing would be held at “The Gap.” And for the second straight event pits reached the century mark with 102 race cars present ready to battle on the high banks on a tacky, smooth, lightning-fast surface.

Zach Sise and Matt Henderson started the 25-lap Crate Late Model race on the front row with Sise taking the lead at the start between turns one and two before Henderson briefly moved ahead between turns three and four. Sise, from Knoxville, passed Henderson for the lead on the second lap and never looked back en route to capturing his third feature win on the season.

With the race running clean-and-green, Sise and Henderson were setting a blistering pace with Ross White and Jason Welshan closely following. Behind them there was incredible two- and three-wide action back through the field involving Brad Lowe, Josh Henry, Cameron Weaver, Greg Martin, Aaron Guinn, Chris Coffey, Shannon Emery, Taylor Coffman, Nathan Martin, Tim Maupin and Randy Weaver.

As the race reached the halfway distance, Sise held a six car-length advantage over Henderson, while White was feeling pressure from Welshan for the third spot. With five laps remaining it became clear the race was Sise’s to win unless he had mechanical problems or made a mistake opening the door for Henderson to overtake him.

Sise would not be denied a trip to victory lane in a race that ran caution-free as he won over Henderson, White, Welshan and Henry. Completing the top 10 finishers were Lowe, Martin, Cameron Weaver, Guinn and Coffey.

Kris Pauley, Brad Seagle, Addison Cardwell and Clyde Stanton battled up front in the opening laps of the Sportsman Late Model race. While Pauley turned in the best qualifying effort of his young career, he was quickly overtaken by Seagle, Cardwell and Stanton. The red flag waved on lap 7 for a multi-car wreck involving Nicholas Shelton, Logan Seal, David Bullington, Josh Driskill, Brandon Waller and Andy Wilder between turns one and two, with Seal’s car flipping upside down landing on the roof.
Stanton got around Cardwell for second on lap 12 and began working on Seagle. Stanton, from Knoxville, pulled to the inside of Seagle on lap 15 between turns one and two, but Seagle slammed the door to maintain his advantage out front. With the lead trio working lapped traffic, Stanton passed Seagle between turns one and two on lap 17, before Seagle reclaimed the position on other end of the track between turns three and four.
The “Mule Hollow Missle” Stanton launched on lap 18 to overtake Seagle for the lead racing into the first turn. Stanton held on for his fourth Sportsman Late Model win of the season over Seagle, Cardwell, Jody Horton and Adam Mitchell. … However, a post-race protest of Stanton’s engine means the victory will not be official until complete tear-down and inspection on Monday.
Logan Hickey of Morristown captured his second Modified Street win of the season, with Tyler Haynes, Kaleb Trent, Jeffrey Melton and Lance Creasman rounding out the top five finishers..
Bobby Mays of Jonesborough outran Charles Bates, Tim Bounds, Lee Merritt and Shaun Sise to pick up his third Classic win in just six starts this season.
Rex Coffey of Morristown survived a mid-race battle with Logan Hickey for the lead and down the stretch held off Wayne Rader and Hickey to capture his first Street Stock win of the season. Colby Long and Tony Trent followed the trio to the checkered flag.
Jason Ketron of Kingsport arrived late at the track missing qualifying and had to start the Front Wheel Drive feature at rear of the field. Ketron steadily moved his way toward the front into second place on lap 15 and right on leader Jeremy Wyatt’s rear bumper. With Wyatt protecting the bottom groove, Ketron drove into the first turn on the high side on lap 18 and racing off down the backstretch he passed Wyatt for the lead. Ketron held on to capture his second win on the season, followed by Jeremy Wyatt, Ray Wyatt, Cody Bean and Samuel Peak.
Randy Fly of Cookeville passed Heth Seaton for the lead on lap 6 and remained out front to the checkered flag in getting the Mini Late Model win over Seaton, Jonathan Ingram, Josh Holt and Jack Orr Jr.


1. Zach Sise #9
2. Matt Henderson #22
3. Ross White #0
4. Jason Welshan #01
5. Josh Henry #B00
6. Brad Lowe #16
7. Greg Martin #24
8. Cameron Weaver #16W
9. Aaron Guinn #97G
10. Chris Coffey #97
11. Shannon Emery #52
12. Taylor Coffman #30
13. Nathan Martin #3N
14. Tim Maupin #3
15. Randy Weaver #116
16. Terry Poore #2
17. Michael Smith #4
18. Tyler Smith #32
19. Austin Glass #34
20. Rusty Ballenger #29

Did Not Start: Josh Fields #11


1. Clyde Stanton #C11
2. Brad Seagle #31
3. Addison Cardwell #25
4. Jody Horton #56J
5. Adam Mitchell #50
6. Warren McMahan #33
7. Odie Overholt #14
8. Kris Pauley #54B
9. Kip Sawyer #44
10. Aaron Jones #7J
11. David Bullington #20
12. Connor Pate #13
13. Nicholas Shelton #9
14. Richard Cox #28
15. Phillip Shockley #34
16. Andy Wilder #24
17. Logan Seal #17
18. Josh Driskill #D00
19. Brandon Waller #71
20. Kyle Manis #25K
21. Billy Woods #72


1. Logan Hickey #7
2. Tyler Haynes #21H
3. Kaleb Trent #3
4. Jeffrey Melton #4
5. Lance Creasman #C8
6. Bobbie Petty #XP21
7. John Grooms #93
8. Mike Eickleberry #81
9. Landon Steele #S18
10. Gary Blanken #05

CLASSIC (20 laps)

1. Bobby Mays #5
2. Charles Bates #27
3. Tim Bounds #11
4. Lee Merritt #51
5. Shaun Sise #J16
6. Mark Sise #35
7. Marcus Mays #12M
8. Chuck Kilian #96
9. Jim Canning Jr. #31
10. Sarah Canning #13
11. Will Carey #16
12. Chayse Britton #15
13. Chad Manning #6
14. Bryan Williams #38W

STREET STOCK (20 laps)

1. Rex Coffey #3
2. Wayne Rader #B01
3. Logan Hickey #79
4. Colby Long #10
5. Tony Trent #18
6. Jason Rollins #012
7. Logan Cobb #C4
8. Wendell Williams #71
9. John Fox #0
10. Eric Moore #12
11. Chesten Anderson #77
12. Jonathan Miracle #XP21
13. Shawn Henry #7
14. Tony Trent #501
15. Tony Grooms #99


1. Jason Ketron #28
2. Jeremy Wyatt #1W
3. Ray Wyatt #7W
4. Cody Bean #2
5. Samuel Peak #88
6. Daniel Tate #2D
7. Danny Sandiford #1S
8. Tanner Tate #2T
9. Scotty Gosnell #1
10. Danny Tate #D2
11. Zack Walton #38
12. Marvin Sauls #8
13. Josh Ramsey #5

1. Randy Fly #36
2. Heth Seaton #51H
3. Jonathan Ingram #6
4. Josh Holt #81
5. Jack Orr Jr. #13
6. Brody Littleton #19
7. Adam Engel #113
8. Nathan Ingram #7