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Ford, Sawyer, Rickett, Emery, Merritt, Coffey visit victory lane at Volunteer Speedway

By Volunteer Speedway | 01 July 2018 | 2018 | | 0 Comments   

Ford, Sawyer, Rickett, Emery, Merritt, Coffey visit victory lane at Volunteer Speedway

BULLS GAP, Tenn. (June 30, 2018) — There’s an old saying when the weather is warm in summer about it being “Hotter than the Fourth of July.”

Well, let’s see what the middle of next week produces on Independence Day because the final day of June in East Tennessee saw the National Weather Service document temperatures in the mid-90s, with the heat index making it feel a little over 100 degrees. But nonetheless a good crowd gathered Saturday night at Volunteer Speedway for an exciting five division racing program, and they were treated to great action on the high banks.

Jensen Ford of Jonesborough captured the Crate Late Model victory, while Kip Sawyer of Knoxville recorded the Sportsman Late Model win.

Chris Rickett and Shannon Emery, both of Morristown, visited victory lane in Modified Street twin action, while Lee Merritt of Knoxville recorded the Classic win, with Rex Coffey of Morristown taking the 602 Street victory.

First up for the Crate Late Model division was a six-lap, $200-to-win Dash For Cash among the top six qualifiers. Rusty Ballenger recorded the win over Jensen Ford, Tim Byrd, Tyler Smith, Andy Ogle and Trevor Sise.

Smith and Byrd brought the 19-car field to the green flag from the front row, but completing the opening lap Ford led Smith, Byrd, Ogle and Sise back around at the start-finish line. Caution waved on lap 3 for an incident involving Josh Henry, Bobby Mays, Chris Chandler and others between turns three and four, and while the action was slowed fast qualifier Smith pulled into the turn four pit opening.

Off the ensuing double-file restart Ford powered back out ahead over Byrd, Ogle, Sise and Ballenger. Sise passed Ogle for third racing off the second corner on lap 5. Good racing just outside the top five involved Jason Welshan, Gary Crittenden, Adam Tolliver, Josh Fields and Pierce McCarter.

With the race running clean-and-green, Byrd stayed right with Ford up front hoping the leader might make a mistake opening the door to allow him to make pass. But Ford never missed a beat and went on to capture his second win on the season over Byrd, Ballenger, Welshan and Sise.

Kip Sawyer jumped out into the lead at start of the Sportsman Late Model feature over Zach Sise, Jed Emert, Brad Seagle and James Parrott. The first of what would be two cautions involving Clay Coghlan waved on lap 8 for a spin between turns one and two.

With Coghlan restarting from rear of the field, back up to speed things quickly went from bad to worse for him, as his car violently slammed the big truck tire at the turn one pit entrance after he and Joe Bray got together. The red flag waved for emergency personnel to check on Coghlan, who thankfully was OK – but same couldn’t be said for a badly damaged race car.

When racing resumed Sawyer led Sise and Emert, but just four circuits back under green second-running Sise suddenly slowed on the front straightaway and dropped out of the race. With Sawyer showing the way out front, Emert put up a valiant effort in trying to overtake Sawyer. But Sawyer held on to capture the victory over Emert, Seagle, Miler and Brad Dyer.

Two-time defending Modified Street champion Chris Rickett had been tied-up with work obligations this season and hadn’t raced, but the results on the track were the same for Rickett as he outran longtime rival Gary Blanken to get the victory in the first twin feature. Finishing third through fifth, respectively, were Wayne Rader, Brad Davis and Shannon Emery.

The top eight finishers from the first race were inverted for the second 20-lap feature, putting Lance Creasman and Robbie Buchanan on the front row. Buchanan grabbed the lead at the start over Creasman and Emery. Behind the front-running trio the action was heated between Davis, Rader, Rickett and Blanken. Also quickly on the move up through the field was David Clark, as he worked his way past Tracy Wolfe, McKenlee Hall and Bubba Long.

Davis passed Creasman to move into the third spot on lap 5 and closed right to the rear bumper of Emery. Buchanan, Emery and Davis battled two- and at times three-wide for real estate around the high banks. Emery got around Buchanan for the lead on lap 10, opening the door for Davis to slide in behind him and drop Buchanan to third. Caution waved on lap 11 when Rickett and Blanken wrecked between turns three and four. Rickett was towed into the pits ending his race, while Blanken restarted from rear of the field.

Over the final eight laps the racing up front between Emery, Davis, Rader and Clark was good. But a tough break for Davis as he spun between turns three and four on lap 18 to bring the caution out. … Emery would not be denied a long-awaited return to victory lane as he won over Rader, Clark, Blanken and Buchanan.

Lee Merritt and John Stevens swapped the lead back and forth a couple of times over the first 5 laps of the Classic feature, with Will Carey right in the hunt looking to capitalize should Merritt and Stevens tangle. But once out front Merritt never looked back en route to capturing his division-leading seventh win on the season over Stevens, Carey, Josh Chesney and Eli Keck.

Rex Coffey made his first start in the 602 Street one to remember as he cruised to victory over Brandon Johnson, Josh Driskill, Daniel Reese and Shawn Henry.



1. Jensen Ford #83
2. Tim Byrd #24
3. Rusty Ballenger #29
4. Jason Welshan #29
5. Trevor Sise #73
6. Andy Ogle #68
7. Gary Crittenden #18
8. Adam Tolliver #28
9. Josh Fields #11
10. Pierce McCarter #1
11. Danny Yoder #2
12. Drew Deaver #12
13. Stephen Rogers #144
14. Chris Chandler #8
15. Tim Maupin #3
16. Michael Jenkins #31
17. Tyler Smith #32
18. Bobby Mays #25
19. Josh Henry #B00


1. Kip Sawyer #44
2. Jed Emert #98
3. Brad Seagle #31
4. Brandon Miller #89
5. Brad Dyer #20
6. James Parrott #10
7. Floyd Self #3
8. Mark Sexton #7
9. Jason Sizemore #22
10. Cody Brake #58
11. Zach Sise #43
12. Preston Whitehead #81
13. Vic Chandler #88
14. Joe Bray #76
15. Clay Coghlan #6
16. Jimmy Calloway #5
17. Aaron Jones #7


1. Chris Rickett #36
2. Gary Blanken #05
3. Wayne Rader #01
4. Brad Davis #88
5. Shannon Emery #M2
6. Kaleb Trent #3
7. Robbie Buchanan #P21
8. Lance Creasman #C8
9. Bubba Long #10
10. Tyler Haynes #11
11. McKenlee Hall #44
12. Tracy Wolfe #11
13. Jason Rollins #01
14. Landon Steele #18
15. Bobbie Petty #21
16. David Clark #13
17. Bryan Presley #B69
18. Dustin Ratliff #10
19. Nick Presley #69

Did Not Start: Jeff Ferguson #24


1. Shannon Emery #M2
2. Wayne Rader #01
3. David Clark #13
4. Gary Blanken #05
5. Robbie Buchanan #P21
6. Lance Creasman #C8
7. Bubba Long #10
8. McKenlee Hall #44
9. Jason Rollins #01
10. Bryan Presley #B69
11. Landon Steele #18
12. Bobbie Petty #21
13. Nick Presley #69
14. Brad Davis #88
15. Tyler Haynes #11
16. Kaleb Trent #3
17. Chris Rickett #36

Did Not Start: Tracy Wolfe #11; Dustin Ratliff #10; Jeff Ferguson #24

CLASSIC (20 laps)

1. Lee Merritt #14
2. John Stevens #7
3. Will Carey #16
4. Josh Chesney #XXX
5. Eli Keck #9
6. Richie Overholser #3
7. Rusty Welch #1W
8. Clyde Mincey #14
9. Shaun Sise #59
10. Tom Juhl Jr. #17
11. Tim Bounds #11
12. Brad Dyer #20
13. Tyler Trent #61
14. Quincy Arnwine #1A
15. Jim Canning Jr. #31
16. Nicholas King #66
17. Todd Beeler #J23
18. Dylan Wolfe #2
19. Robert Kenyon #71

602 STREET (10 laps)

1. Rex Coffey #3
2. Brandon Johnson #01
3. Josh Driskill #D00
4. Daniel Reese #66
5. Shawn Henry #25

Volunteer Speedway (Recording Only): 423-235-5020
Volunteer Speedway (General Manager): 865-257-7223
Joe Byrd (Tech Official): 865-776-1798

Volunteer Speedway racing action and victory lane images from Saturday, June 30 courtesy of Chad Wells – Wells Racing Photography. We encourage you to visit or to support Chad by purchasing his outstanding racing images.