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Ogle captures $3,000 Southern Regional Racing Series victory at Volunteer Speedway

By Volunteer Speedway | 23 June 2013 | 2013 | | 0 Comments   

Ogle captures $3,000 Southern Regional Racing Series victory at Volunteer Speedway

BULLS GAP, Tenn. (June 22, 2013) — The Southern Regional Racing Series made their first-ever visit to Volunteer Speedway on Saturday night for running of the $3,000-to-win Summer Shootout.

In racing you need a fast car and also have luck riding with you. Noted race engine builder Vic Hill, who’s also a five-time Super Late Model track champion at “The Gap” and is closing in on 75 career feature wins on the high banks, was chauffeuring a fast car but misfortune cost him what appeared would be a flag-to-flag dominating victory.

Chad Ogle of Sevierville was given a gift when race-long leader Hill suddenly slowed with a broken rear-end on lap 34, thus moving Ogle out front into the lead where he would go on to capture the $3,000 victory.

Hill powered into the lead at start of the 40-lap main event over pole-sitter Ryan King and served notice to his fellow competitors the race would be for second on back. In a race that would go all 40 laps caution free, at the halfway point Hill had a full-straightaway advantage over King and Ogle.

Ogle got around King and moved into second on lap 23 racing off the fourth turn. But with Hill having such a commanding lead out front, Ogle figured he would bring home a solid second place finish.

“Hey, tonight definitely proved that it’s never over until the checkered flag waves,” said the smiling 37-year-old Ogle in victory lane. “Some people will say, ‘Oh, you got lucky to win’ and I’ll admit we caught a lucky break. Because there’s no doubt about it, Vic (Hill) had the race won if not for the rear-end trouble sidelining him. But I believe we were due to have some good luck on our side. Dating back to the end of last season we had our engine blow, and we’re just a family-owned race team and losing our motor definitely set us back financially over the off-season. We didn’t even get to start racing this year until a little over a month ago.

“The races we’ve run up to this point, we’ve been fairly good but not really spectacular by no means. We had a good sixth-place finish last week here at ‘The Gap’ in the Southern All Star Racing Series event, and we learned a few things with the car that we changed before coming back tonight. Getting this win is great, because no matter how you look at it, a win is a win. We’re definitely taking it and hopefully this will be just the first of several good races for us as the season progresses.”

With the laps winding down, Scott James passed King for the runner-up position. But there would be no catching Ogle, driving the ELC & Company/Geo Services, Geotechnical & Materials Engineers/Ole Smoky Moonshine/Brooks Malone/JT Kerr Racing Equipment/Hoosier Racing Tire/Ohlins Shocks/Matlock Decal Company/Custom Race Engines/CVR Race Cars/No. 10 Chevrolet Camaro. Ogle was trailed at the finish by James, King, Mark Vineyard and Bryan Hendrix.

Completing the top 10 finishers were Stacy Boles, Jamie Oliver, Josh Henry, Jason Welshan and Jeff Neubert.

Jerry Broyles of Jonesborough, the 2009 Fastrak Racing Series-sanctioned Pro Late Model track champion, jumped into the lead over Tim Byrd, John Tweed, Dale Ball and Ricky Moore at start of the 25-lap feature. A strong run for Tweed ended on lap 8 when he slowed and entered the pits.

Brent Hensley, Todd Brooks, Greg Burchett and Tim Maupin were battling for real estate. Racing down the backstretch on lap 14 into turn three, Brooks got to inside of Hensley to take away the fifth spot.

Even though lapped traffic allowed Byrd on a few occasions to close within a couple car lengths on Broyles, there would be no denying Broyles his first victory of the season. The 44-year-old Broyles was chased to the checkers by Byrd, Ball, Moore and Brooks.

Completing the top 10 finishers were Maupin, Burchett, Hensley, Mike Kelley and Andy Ogle.

Jamie Whitt of Wise, Va., grabbed the lead at start of the 20-lap Modified Hobby feature and never looked back en route to winning over Jesse Helton, Jon Cook, Mike Mays and Clynis Phillips.


Showing Finish Position, Starting Position In Parentheses, Driver Name, Car Number, Hometown, Laps Completed In Parentheses, Money Earned

1. (4) Chad Ogle #10-Sevierville, TN $3,000
2. (8) Scott James #1g-Bright, IN $1,500
3. (1) Ryan King #30-Seymour, TN $900
4. (7) Mark Vineyard #4-Powell, TN $800
5. (3) Bryan Hendrix #5-Knoxville, TN $700
6. (5) Stacy Boles #11B-Clinton, TN $600
7. (10) Jamie Oliver #38-Murphy, NC $575
8. (12) Josh Henry #25-Newport, TN $550
9. (13) Jason Welshan #29-Maryville, TN $525
10. (9) Jeff Neubert #86-Rockford, TN $500
11. (2) Vic Hill #1-Mosheim, TN $400
12. (11) Travis Greer #11g-Marion, VA $390
13. (16) Stanley Donahoo #00-White Pine, TN $380
14. (15) Mike Luna #112-Sparta, TN $370
15. (14) Gabe Wilson #12w-Waynesville, NC $360
16. (6) Josh Putnam #212-Killen, AL $350

PRO LATE MODEL (25 laps)

1) Jerry Broyles #72; 2) Tim Byrd #24; 3) Dale Ball #2; 4) Ricky Moore #75; 5) Todd Brooks #T1; 6) Tim Maupin #T2; 7) Greg Burchett #5g; 8) Brent Hensley #70; 9) Mike Kelley #X; 10) Andy Ogle #68; 11) Richard Adkins #73; 12) Wes Johnson #57j; 13) Bobby Mays #19; 14) John Tweed #5; 15) Ricky Presley #17; 16) Hugh Scalf #56


1) Jamie Whitt #1; 2) Jesse Helton #28; 3) Jon Cook #0z; 4) Mike Mays #30; 5) Clynis Phillips #46; 6) Jesse Wilder #79; 7) Landon Williams #25w