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Miller, Mitchell, Engel, Hickey, Rader, Walton visit victory lane at Volunteer Speedway

By Volunteer Speedway | 02 August 2020 | 2020 | | 0 Comments   
Miller, Mitchell, Engel, Hickey, Rader, Walton park in victory lane at Volunteer Speedway
BULLS GAP, Tenn. (Aug. 1, 2020) — The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series headlined the six division Saturday Night Fever racing program at Volunteer Speedway and Clayton Miller of Elkton, Ky., showed his strength in muscling out the victory over fellow Bluegrass State competitor Brandon Kinzer.
Adam Mitchell of Knoxville captured the Sportsman Late Model victory, while Adam Engel, also from Knoxville, won the Classic feature.
Wayne Rader of Parrottsville recorded the Street Stock victory. Logan Hickey of Morristown captured the Modified Street win, while Zack Walton of Blountville took the Front Wheel Drive checkers.
Clayton Miller and Brandon Kinzer battled on the opening lap of the Open Wheel Modified main event with Miller leading back around at the flag stand. Behind them it was “Modified Madness” with cars jockeying for real estate two- and three-wide on the high banks.
Miller captured his first Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series win of the season, with Kinzer, Nick Stroupe, Jeff Hamby and Jody Puckett rounding out the top five finishers. Completing the top 10 were Blake Brown, Wayne James, Jimmy Dalton, Jesse Rupe and Joey Cotterman.
Adam Mitchell led flag-to-flag in capturing his second Sportsman Late Model win of the season, but he had to turn in a blue-collar effort in holding off veteran chauffeur Clyde Stanton. With the laps winding down, the “Mule Hollow Missle” Stanton stuck the nose of his car underneath Mitchell in the corners trying to make pass for the lead. But Mitchell would not be denied a visit to victory lane as he recorded the win over Stanton, Vic Chandler, Warren McMahan and Dustin Ratliff.
The Classic feature turned out to be just that, a “classic.” Adam Engel held off the hard-charging duo of Bobby Mays and defending divisional champion John Stevens for his second straight win, followed by Tim Bounds and Michael Millsap.
Logan Hickey captured the Modified Street feature win over Wayne Rader, Kaleb Trent, Lance Creasman and Tyler Haynes.
Wayne Rader picked up his second Street Stock victory by outrunning Colby Long, Tony Trent, Marvin Green Jr. and Kevin Wolfe.
Zack Walton grabbed the lead at start of the Front Wheel Drive feature and sped to his third win on the season over David “Animal” Trent, Larry Stapleton, Colton Hammonds and Cody Bean.
1. Clayton Miller #15
2. Brandon Kinzer #18
3. Nick Stroupe #45
4. Jeff Hamby #7
5. Jody Puckett #J3
6. Blake Brown #99
7. Wayne James #4
8. Jimmy Dalton #2
9. Jesse Rupe #11
10. Joey Cotterman #29
11. Terry James #J1
12. Brandon James #J31
13. Tyler James #J4
14. Bo Allison #7
15. John Smith #23
16. Bobby Williams #10W
17. Zac Harris #98
18. Brian Skaggs #20
19. Billy Palmer #36
20. Dustin Diden #112
21. Amos Bunch #50
1. Adam Mitchell #50
2. Clyde Stanton #C11
3. Vic Chandler #88
4. Warren McMahan #33
5. Dustin Ratliff #10
6. Kip Sawyer #44
7. David Bullington #20
8. Lucas Fuller #77
9. Kris Pauley #B54
10. Josh Baker #31
11. Cody Brake #58
12. John Allison #12
CLASSIC (20 laps)
1. Adam Engel #51
2. Bobby Mays #5
3. John Stevens #7
4. Tim Bounds #11
5. Michael Millsap #515
6. Jim Canning Jr. #31
7. Shane Taylor #37
8. Chuck Kilian #96
9. Jon Cook #38
10. Sarah Canning #13
11. Tyler Trent #61
12. Chris McKinney #113
13. Marcus Mays #12
14. Charles Bates #27
15. J.J. Perkey #J11

1. Logan Hickey #7
2. Wayne Rader #01
3. Kaleb Trent #3
4. Lance Creasman #C8
5. Tyler Haynes #21H
6. Bobby Petty #XP21

STREET STOCK (20 laps)
1. Wayne Rader #B01
2. Colby Long #10
3. Tony Trent #501
4. Marvin Green Jr. #15
5. Kevin Wolfe #17
6. Sam Ferguson #1
7. Jeff Doss #21
1. Zack Walton #38
2. David Trent #57
3. Larry Stapleton #15
4. Colton Hammonds #31
5. Cody Bean #2
6. Scott Velez #44

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