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Sise, Guinn, Rickett, Trent, Stevens, Collett, Sharp visit victory lane on ‘Coca-Cola Championship Night’ at Volunteer Speedway

By Volunteer Speedway | 13 October 2019 | 2019 | | 0 Comments   

Sise, Guinn, Rickett, Trent, Stevens, Collett, Sharp visit victory lane on ‘Coca-Cola Championship Night’ at Volunteer Speedway

BULLS GAP, Tenn. (Oct. 12, 2019) — Volunteer Speedway kicked off its 46th season of racing back in April and throughout the year great car counts in all divisions produced outstanding battles to determine who would capture track championships. Titles were decided Saturday on Coca-Cola Championship Night at “The Gap.”

Zach Sise of Knoxville captured the Crate Late Model win, while Aaron Guinn of Russellville recorded the Sportsman Late Model victory.

Chris Rickett of Morristown captured the Modified Street win, while Tony Trent also of Morristown got the Street Stock victory.

John Stevens of Wallins Creek, Kentucky, recorded the Classic victory, with Hayston Collett of Coldiron, Kentucky, getting the Mini Stock win, and Jacob Sharp of Crossville capturing the Front Wheel Drive win.

Tim Byrd of Jonesborough captured his fourth Crate Late Model track championship on the strength of five feature wins on the season and 10 overall top-five finishes.

Chris Coffey of Morristown won his first-ever Sportsman Late Model title by recording two feature wins and posting 14 top-five finishes.

Wayne Rader of Parrottsville won the Modified Street championship by capturing four feature wins during the season with 13 overall top-five finishes.

Jason Rollins of Parrottsville recorded his first-ever Street Stock championship with one victory during the season and nine top-five finishes.

John Stevens dominated the Classic division en route to capturing his first-ever championship by winning 13 races, with one second-place and one third-place finish on the season.

Chad Manning of Newport captured his first-ever Mini Stock championship by winning one race during the season with 14 top-five finishes.

Tim Byrd and Tim Maupin, both former track champions, entered the Crate Late Model points finale separated by only one-point (one finishing position). Byrd jumped out to the lead on the start followed by Zach Sise. Sise passed Byrd for the lead on lap 5 between turns one and two and quickly began to set sail with a clear track ahead.

Byrd had his hands full trying to hold back the hard-charging Tyler Arrington. Arrington got around Byrd for the second spot on lap 20, but his hopes of catching Sise hinged on getting a late-race caution to bunch the field together for a restart. But that never materialized.

With the 19-year-old Sise in command out front leading and Arrington in pursuit, focus was on the duo of Byrd and Maupin and the battle for the championship. Sise easily went on to capture his third feature win over Arrington, while Byrd remained ahead of Maupin and Gary Crittenden at the finish.

Had Aaron Guinn ran the whole season he definitely would have been a strong contender for the Sportsman Late Model track championship. After all, he’s unbeaten in the races he competed in. Guinn rolled to his fifth victory in five starts in winning over Adam Mitchell, Jody Horton, Gary Blanken and Chris Coffey.

Chris Rickett battled up front with Wayne Rader throughout the Modified Street feature, but Rickett held on to record his first win of the season. Finishing behind Rickett and Rader were Dustin Ratliff, Kurt Owens and Logan Hickey.

Tony Trent captured his third Street Stock feature win on the season by outrunning Jason Rollins, Greg Harville, Wendell Williams and Sam Ferguson.

John Stevens wrapped up the Classic division championship in style by parking in victory lane for the 13th time in 16 races this season. Stevens was trailed at the finish by Shane Taylor, Hayston Collett, Charles Bates and Chuck Kilian.

Hayston Collett passed Tyler Meadows for the lead on lap 13 of the Mini Stock feature and went on to record his first-ever victory at Volunteer Speedway. Collett was chased to the checkered flag by Meadows, Shane Bullock, Daniel Moody and Justin Meredith.

Jacob Sharp led flag-to-flag in capturing his second straight Front Wheel Drive feature win over Josh Detwiler, Mikey Jones, James Powell Jr. and Jeremy Powell.



1. Zach Sise #9
2. Tyler Arrington #002
3. Tim Byrd #24
4. Tim Maupin #3
5. Gary Crittenden #18
6. Adam Tolliver #21
7. Ruben Mayfield #00
8. Terry Poore #2
9. Cody Sisson #34
10. Nathan Martin #21M
11. Jackie Hughes #69
12. David Robins #59
13. Jody Atkins #41
14. Chuck McMurray #00M
15. Tommy Eastridge #37
16. Adam Collins #47
17. Bryson Dennis #15
18. Cameron Skinner #33X


1. Aaron Guinn #97G
2. Adam Mitchell #50
3. Jody Horton #56J
4. Gary Blanken #25
5. Chris Coffey #97
6. Warren McMahan #33
7. Kris Pauley #B54
8. David Bullington #20
9. Roger England #E5
10. Lucas Fuller #77
11. Floyd Self #3
12. Robbie Buchanan #13
13. Jackie Yates #43JD
14. Clint Hodges #83H
15. Rex Coffey #3
16. Jonathan Miracle #29
17. Logan Seal #17


1. Chris Rickett #XP21
2. Wayne Rader #01
3. Dustin Ratliff #10
4. Kurt Owens #14
5. Logan Hickey #7
6. Landon Steele #S18
7. Tyler Haynes #11
8. McKenlee Hall #44
9. John Grooms #93
10. Jason Rollins #01R


1. Tony Trent #18
2. Jason Rollins #012
3. Greg Harville #5
4. Wendell Williams
5. Sam Ferguson #1
6. Garth Clark #4
7. Tim Stevens #11
8. Colby Long #10
9. Marvin Green Jr. #15
10. Alex Qualls #71Q


1. John Stevens #7
2. Shane Taylor #42
3. Hayston Collett #3
4. Charles Bates #27
5. Chuck Kilian #96
6. Nicholas King #66
7. Jim Canning Jr. #31
8. Sarah Osborne Canning #13


1. Hayston Collett #21
2. Tyler Meadows #3
3. Shane Bullock #2
4. Daniel Moody #17
5. Justin Meredith #23
6. Adam Jones #2J
7. Chad Manning #7up
8. Mitchell Fox #1
9. Greg Everhart #70
10. Robert Fox #5
11. John Gulliver #00


1. Jacob Sharp #1
2. Josh Detwiler #38D
3. Mikey Jones #9
4. James Powell Jr. #10P
5. Jeremy Powell #22
6. Chris Stine #10
7. Kenny Absher #11
8. Larry Stapleton #15
9. Brian Eggers #20
10. David Trent #57
11. Bucky Smith #99X
12. Josh Ramsey #25
13. Marcus Mays #99
14. Brad Broyles #28
15. Josh Finch #7
16. Jimmy Thomas #14
17. Justin Hartsock #6

Did Not Start: Tim Jennings #16


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