Volunteer Speedway owners Joe and Phyllis Loven, along with special event co-promoter Vic Hill and all track personnel, would like to thank fans, drivers, race teams and sponsors for supporting "The Gap" during the 2014 racing season - and we look forward to seeing you in 2015.
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Yesteryear — Racing Around East Tennessee

East Tennessee racing legends Herman Goddard (left) and Bill Ledger (right) sitting on the golf cart in the infield pits at Volunteer Speedway in 2006.

Robert Hickey (left) owned the No. 97 Chevrolet Camaro that Dewey “Red” Ledford drove to the 1976 Volunteer Speedway Late Model championship.

Betsy Stewart of Bulls Gap being crowned Miss Volunteer Speedway 1978 by outgoing 1977 beauty queen Carolyn Marshall.

Dale Ball (No. 7) of Johnson City racing his wedge Late Model at Newport Raceway in 1983.

“Little” Bill Corum (No. 21) of Maynardville. (1981)

“Little” Bill Corum of Maynardville. (1974)

“Little” Bill Corum (No. 21) of Maynardville.

Herb “Tootle” Estes (No. 199) of Knoxville. (1982)

Louis Hickey (No. 74) of Morristown.

Lee Wheeler (No. 22) of Bulls Gap behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Chevelle.

Driver Tony Wheeler of Bulls Gap, with his father Lee Wheeler (center) and pit crew following a victory.

Tony Wheeler (No. 22) of Bulls Gap.

Brad Coffey (No. 88) of Maryville.

Arnold Cinnamon (No. 1) of Tazewell.

Bill Morton (No. 2) of Church Hill at the old Appalachian Speedway in Kingsport.

Bill Morton (No. 41) of Church Hill and Herman Goddard (No. 22) of Knoxville.

Bill Morton (No. 41) of Church Hill.

Bill Morton (No. 41) of Church Hill.

Bill Morton (No. 41) of Church Hill.

Charles Byrd (No. 24) of Jonesborough.

Bob Street (No. 25) of Jonesborough.

Brad Teague (No. 3) of Johnson City at the old Appalachian Speedway in Kingsport.

Buck Simmons (No. 41) of Baldwin, Ga., racing at Volunteer Speedway.

Noel Sutherland (No. 48) of Johnson City.

David Bundren (No. 30) of Rogersville.

Doug Carpenter (No. 2) of Johnson City.

Freddy Smith (No. 00) of Kings Mountain. N.C.

Gary Lavender (No. 02) of Richlands, Va., at Volunteer Speedway.

Gary Myers (No. 18) of Greeneville.

Herman Goddard (No. 22) of Knoxville.

Jack Trammell (No. 90) of Lake City.

James Harmon (No. 44) of Richlands, Va., at Volunteer Speedway.

Jeff Silvers (No. 21) of Bulls Gap.

“Big” Jim Frye (No. 03) of Mosheim.

Joel Mowell (No. 26) of Kingsport.

Curtis Fox No. 3 of Morristown, TN, with Wayne Fox and Joe Young.

Curtis Fox No. 27 of Morristown, TN

Curtis Fox No. 44 of Morristown, TN

Ken “Bear” Hunley of Church Hill with his modified coupe at Kingsport Speedway.

Larry Moore (No. 14) of Dayton, Ohio, at Volunteer Speedway.

“Little” Bill Corum (No. 21) of Maynardville.

Louis Hickey (No. 74) of Morristown.

Jeff Akard of Morristown, TN – 2012 Volunteer Speedway Open Wheel Modified Champion.

Mark Hurley (No. 61) of Jonesborough, TN.

Richard Adkins (No. A18 Super Stock) of Bristol, TN. (1996)

Mark Petit (No. 5) of Sevierville.

Mike Clonce (No. m1) of Bean Station.

Wayne James (No. 4) of Newport with his young son Tyler in victory lane at Volunteer Speedway following a Street Stock win.

Randy Ford (No. 83) of Johnson City.

Randy Ford No. 83 of Johnson City, TN. 1992 at Volunteer Speedway.

Randy Ford of Johnson City, TN – along with from left-to-right Mike Hodge, Maria Ford, Randy (center), Gene Ford (Randy’s father) and Stanley (aka Fox).

Dewey “Red” Ledford (No. 97) of Morristown.

Walter Ball (No. 7) of Johnson City.

Robbie Ferguson (No. 32) of Jonesborough racing at Kingsport Speedway.

Robbie Ferguson of Jonesborough, loaded and ready to head to the track back in the 1980s.

Robbie Ferguson of Jonesborough, has the Dalton Direct Carpet of Kingsport/No. 32 C.J. Rayburn Race Car ready to begin a new racing season.

Rusty “Bill” DeGroat (No. 33) of Johnson City.

Rusty Goddard (No. 42) of Maryville.

Stick Morgan (No. 21) of Morristown.

VW horsepower on the high banks at Volunteer Speedway.

Knoxville Raceway in 1971 – “Little” Bill Corum (No. 21), M.C. Kerr (No. 16), and H.E. Vineyard (No. 24).

The building of Appalachian Speedway in Kingsport.