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Loven says Saturday’s ‘Mad Dog 60′ is a “vengeance thing”

By volunteer | 07 April 2014 | 2014 | | 0 Comments   

Volunteer Speedway owner Joe Loven (left) informed racers during Saturday’s driver’s meeting that he has added a big money race for each division to the shedule for April 11-12 weekend, headlined by a $10,000-to-win “Mag Dog 60″ Super Late Model feature Saturday.

BULLS GAP – Volunteer Speedway owner Joe Loven is calling Saturday’s $10,000-to-win Super Late Model the “Mad Dog 60” — although a more appropriate title for the race might be the “Vengeance 60.”
“It is what it is,” said Loven, who isn’t one to mince words.
He’ll tell you straight up that the addition of a $10,000 Super Late Model this weekend is a “vengeance thing” against some other area dirt tracks that encroached on his schedule this past weekend.
Volunteer Speedway was the last of the four main dirt tracks in East Tennessee to post its 2014 schedule, opting to run only 12 events on the weekends left open by the other tracks.
Loven said he felt the gentleman’s agreement between tracks not to encroach on each other’s schedules was violated April 5 when all three tracks chose to add events to their schedules, drawing cars and fans away from “The Gap.”
That’s why he has scheduled the “Mad Dawg 60” $10,000-to-win Super Late Model show which will run Saturday, April 12.
That coincides with Tazewell’s World of Outlaws event Saturday.
Loven said he doesn’t expect to make money Saturday, but he doesn’t expect Tazewell will either. The big winner for the weekend will be fans at “The Gap” who will see some great Super Late Model racing.
The only other Super Late Model big money events this weekend are in Ohio and Maryland, which means many of the southeast’s top Super Late Model stars will be heading to Volunteer speedway this weekend looking to take home that big purse.
“About three-fourths of those Late model drivers cherry-pick, so we’ve got all of our locals, and we’ll get the World of Outlaw people who aren’t running for points,” Loven said. “Last year the World of Outlaws only brought nine cars with them. The rest were local cars. These local cars will go where they think they’ll come the closest to winning.”
An open practice is schedule for Friday, April 11, but there are no races. The Saturday lineup will also feature Steel Heads, Crates and Modified Hobbies.
Loven is also adding three other $10,000-to-win events in 2014 to coincide with another World of Outlaws and Lucas Oil event this season at Smoky Mountain; as well as a Lucas Oil race at Tazewell. More information about those races will be released later.
On Monday Loven issued a statement:
“It is what it is. We didn’t put out a schedule until everyone — Tazewell, Smoky Mountain, 411 — had published there’s. Phyliss took what was left. Smoky Mountain and Tazewell Saturday night look what was left of what was left for rain outs. Ray Cook and ‘Fat Boy’ threw me under the bus, as well as Tazewell, for double point Steel Heads. They knew what they were doing. They knew they were taking the cars from us. They just didn’t give a (darn). We picked out a schedule that wouldn’t step on anybody this year. I was kind of wanting to run a light schedule this season, but this has changed my whole perspective. To (heck) with them, and I’ll just bust up their (darn) races. The Gap is still the fastest 3/8ths mile race track in the world. If you were born before Jan. 1, 1952, you get a $10 discount off the adult grandstand admission of $25 on Saturday, April 12 and your ticket will be $15 with an I.D. showing proof of age. Thank you for your support.”